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We host VCs and entrepreneurs at our unique speaker events and workshops. We’ve also got an exciting newsletter full of the latest VC news and Oxford events.


Start-up founders, VCs, and entrepreneurial students come to our networking events. Why don’t you? Everyone is welcome.


We provide peer-to-peer support to help you find co-founders, develop your business idea, practice your pitch, and introduce you to mentors.

Our values

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For many students and start-up founders, venture capital is a mysterious, complex, and inaccessible industry. We’re here to demystify it.

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VCs define the future through their investments, changing how we socialise, bank, travel, access healthcare, and more. Yet, it is one of the least diverse industries. Women constitute only 30% of VC personnel in the UK and ethnic diversity is low. We want to change that.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


We’re here to support students who wouldn’t usually have the opportunity or the confidence to enter the world of early-stage start-ups and investing.

Our latest

Impacting the World and Empowering Change

In this online event, we invited two key players shaping the entrepreneurship and investment arena in Africa to share their philosophy and journey. Claudia Castellanos is the founder and CEO of Black Mamba Foods, a social business and growing fair trade brand based in Swaziland that manufactures and distributes gourmet chilli products in Southern Africa…

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The Prof, the VC, and the CEO

Our first collaborative event with CUTEC (Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club) saw us host an open discussion drawing from three perspectives to start-up funding – hence the name. Over one hundred people attended the online event. A follow-up article was published on the CUTEC Medium page and is linked here.

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The OXVC Competition

This competition ran during Trinity Term 2020/21. Find a cool start-up, learn how to create a professional investment memo, and pitch to real VC partners OXVC and Creator Fund are teaming up to seek Oxford students with the potential to source the next best deal. Venture capitalists get lots of investment proposals from startups. They…

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