The OXVC Competition

This competition ran during Trinity Term 2020/21.

Find a cool start-up, learn how to create a professional investment memo, and pitch to real VC partners

OXVC and Creator Fund are teaming up to seek Oxford students with the potential to source the next best deal.

Venture capitalists get lots of investment proposals from startups. They need a way of sorting through thousands of ideas to pick the few founders who show the potential to create the next big thing.

This is where you come in.

Competitors will be judged on an investment memo they create for an early-stage, university-based startup of their choosing. It’s a one-page document outlining why a VC should think about investing in an exciting new company. Those shortlisted will get to pitch their startup to our investment panel.

You’ll receive specialised training over four weeks to equip you with the skills necessary to become a VC analyst, with exclusive workshops on scouting, startup evaluation and investment deals, plus one-to-one mentoring from professional VCs, all for free!

The top performers have a chance to receive exclusive recruitment opportunities with our partner VCs, and the winner will be offered a student analyst position at Creator Fund.