About Us

Our Mission

We’re here to help both students and startups grow, with our network of startup founders, investors, and entrepreneurial Oxford students.

We provide a pathway for students to learn, up-skill, and gain the confidence to enter businesses from any background. By introducing students to venture capital, we show them how it is possible to pursue a business idea and access funding and support.

Ultimately, we want to make VC more diverse, open, and accessible.

Our Team


Raymond Zhao

MS Mathematics

Program Director

Julia Bator

BA Geography

Vice President

Perry Aw


Outreach Director

Jessica Abele

DPhil in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics


Disha Hegde

BA History and Economics

Events Director

Lily Yan


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A network of start-up founders, investors, and entrepreneurial Oxford students. Founded by students at the University of Oxford.