Contact To Contract Workshop

Denise Xifara, Co-Founder of GMG Ventures, an independent media-tech VC fund, gave an interactive workshop on the process from meeting a startup to giving them their investment contract. She has worked in academia at Oxford and won awards from the American Society of Human Genetics and the Leventis Foundation, after completing a PhD in Statistical Genetics andContinue reading “Contact To Contract Workshop”

Day In The Life Of A VC Workshop

Damien Lane, a partner at Episode 1, an early stage venture capital firm based in London, came to Oxford sharing he skills he needs for a typical day as a VC.‍Episode 1 has backed successful companies like Carwow, Triptease & AimBrain, and their past investments include the likes of Zoopla, Shazam, Betfair, and Lovefilm. TheyContinue reading “Day In The Life Of A VC Workshop”